Thursday, December 29, 2011

Determining the Type of Garden Edging to Use

It is important to choose the type of edging that will best suit your garden. There are basically no rules; however, you must make sure that you will feel comfortable with your choices. The two general types of concrete garden edging are straight edging and curved edging.

Straight edgings are used in formal garden settings. With straight edges, you can create geometrical and well-defined borders. This does not mean that you are not allowed to bend it on corners. A straight edging can be very attractive when done correctly, but it is ideal for large yards with wider landscape. For a more accurate concrete edging application, you may refer to Garden Surfaces: 20 Projects for Paths, Decks, Steps, Patios, and Edgings, a very helpful book that gives you great ideas on garden edging what to's and how to's.

Curved edgings, on the other hand, are best used in casual, homey
gardens. Curved lines mean that you can make circular borders, as well as the long, swirled ones. Curved concrete edgings are ideal for small gardens with winding pathways. Alternatively, you can also combine straight and curved edgings to create an intricate pattern that will surely add beauty to your plain old garden. The Kushlan Concrete Landscape Border Kit will make this job easier.

What’s great about concrete garden edging is that it can be easily painted on. You can choose whatever color you want, just make sure the color will flatter your garden’s layout. You can also combine colors as long as they are complimentary and do not clash with each other. For a more defined, professional-looking garden edgings, why not use Stonewall Border Stakes - .75" X 1.75" X 0.75" - Sandstone.

Garden edgings such as those made with concrete can be easily done without help from a professional edging designer. You just have to look for the proper instructions, which should be easy to follow, and gather all the necessary materials. Use the technique that will suit your yard best. With a little imagination and some handy work, you will soon be surprised with what garden edging you can install in your garden.

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