Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Great Garden Edging Ideas

In order to get those irritating weeds and stray lawn grasses away from your flower beds, you need to have some garden edging. Garden edgings do not only separate your plant or flower beds from the lawn, but add beauty and elegance as well. With some smart handy work, you will be able to get that professional look you thought you will only see in landscape magazines and pictures.

Edging for gardens can transform a plain-looking garden into a classy and neat one. If done correctly, a garden bed edging makes everything in your garden look organized; from the flower and plant beds to the grass-bordered walkways.

The most common garden edging material is concrete. A lot of landscapers, professional and beginners alike, agree that a concrete garden edging is one of the best edgings available. It is best to buy a book about smart garden planning. This book by Robin Williams, called The Garden Planner, is a great garden edging guide.

Concrete garden edgings are easy to install, and provide a very sturdy border as well. Concrete can be painted on, carved or molded, so it is easier to create a more personalized look. In addition, a concrete garden bed edging is virtually weather-resistant, and can definitely withstand heavy rain and excessive heat of the sun. It can also survive snow as well.

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  1. Concrete kerbing - Add beauty and value to your landscape by having continuous concrete garden edging. Numerous Kerbing Designs avaliable.